The Clinic

Our goal is to provide friendly, top-quality medical service to the community of North Durham and surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive foot treatments encompass everything from complicated high-risk diabetic wound care to routine foot and nail care, and everything in between.

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Meet Our Professionals

Allan Probert, B.Sc, D.Ch

Registered Chiropodist

University of Waterloo: Bachelor of Science – Honours Kinesiology

Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences: Graduate Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences – Chiropody

Chiropodist at North Durham Family Health Team

Chiropodist & Owner of 26 Bones Foot & Orthotic Clinic

Beverly Silver, D.Ch

Registered Chiropodist

Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences: Diploma in Health Sciences – Chiropody

Chiropodist at Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

Chiropodist at 26 Bones Foot & Orthotic Clinic


 Caleb Kennedy, B.Sc, D.Ch 

Registered Chiropodist

University of Guelph: Bachelor of Science - Honours Biological Science

Michener Institute of Education at UHN: Graduate Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences – Chiropody

Chiropodist at 26 Bones Foot & Orthotic Clinic

Chiropodist at Randy Moore Foot Care Clinic

Chiropodist at MedRehab Group - Pickering

Chiropodist at Oasis Health and Wellness Centre


Foot conditions & treatments

purple foot


Some of the most common reasons for visiting our clinic include seeking care for toenail and skin conditions.  It’s not uncommon to have difficulty cutting a thick toenail, especially if it’s been injured, ingrown, or there’s a fungal infection present.

Some examples of common skin conditions include calluses, corns, plantar warts, blisters, cysts, cracked heels, bacterial or fungal infections and/or open wounds.

Our skilled chiropodists are equipped with the instruments and expertise necessary to treat dermatological foot conditions with precision, in a safe and sterile manner.


It’s important to remember that our feet are our foundation, and if they’re not taken care of,  they can cause issues up the kinetic chain.  For example: having plantar fasciitis in one foot can cause limping, which could lead to imbalances in the knees or hips and cause issues like patellofemoral syndrome or sacroiliac inflammation.

Our professionals provide therapeutic and corrective treatments for skeletal and soft tissue problems.  Analyzing foot type, alignment, posture and gait and deciding whether the patient is in need of rehabilitative exercises, custom plaster-casted orthotics, prefabricated insoles, manual therapy, laser therapy, or any combination thereof is prudent in achieving the best results.


Side effects of diabetes can cause significant changes in your feet.

When blood glucose is not being used by the muscles as fuel, these sugars can cause damage to the nerves.  In the same manner that tree branches get thinner as they grow further from the trunk, nerves become thinner and more fragile as they get further from the spinal cord.  Damage to these nerves is called peripheral neuropathy, and it can cause a loss of feeling in the feet.

It may sound like a blessing to those suffering with foot pain, but numbness is a major cause of diabetic wounds, which can have the potential to lead to amputation.

Our chiropodists are experts in diabetic foot care, offering treatments that range from routine preventative care to surgical intervention.